Hall Agri-Food PR

‘Our decision to establish Hall Agri-Food PR as a unit dedicated to providing public relations services to the food and farming sector was inspired by our own background in, and love of, agriculture.

Early years growing up on a farm near Newry involved us in a variety of agricultural activities that included the farming of food – potatoes, beef, pork, poultry and a little dairy – the cultivation of animal feed and the production of flax, a raw material used by local linen mills.’

As our photo gallery shows, we are people with a love of the land, at home in rural Ireland…happy to get out and about…to meet the people who make things happen…to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty…rather than sit at desks in Dublin far removed from where the action is.

Food and Agriculture will be the leading growth areas in Ireland’s future…growth that will be driven by a multitude of small businesses whose collective efforts will help lead Ireland out of recession. We want to share in that challenge…contribute to that task…and be part of that transformation.Hall Agri-Food PR

Why small to medium size?

Simple! Because we, too, are small, we understand how small business works…and thinks…and we understand the principles, priorities and pressures that influence decisions.

By working with small to medium size bodies – under realistic fee arrangements appropriate to their size, stage of development and position in the market – the pressure would be on us to succeed…to make a difference…to deliver value for money.

Hall Agri-Food PRTo all of us in Hall Agri-Food PR, a small to medium size client would be a very valued client, one whose goals we would share, namely, to create growth for it so that we, in turn, might grow as well.


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