From farm-hand to Farmhand

zt-crystal-160-cab-aFrom farm-hand to Farmhand – that’s the journey Hall Agri-Food PR has taken.

From early beginnings – working as a cattle drover driving animals to fairs and markets in Newry and in South Armagh – we’ve been through the mill of farming, as it once was.

Ploughing, harrowing, planting and sowing…cutting, picking, harvesting and saving…feeding, cleaning and painting…milking, churning, harnessing and husbanding.

Our transition from farm-hand to Farmhand is reflected in our most recent client commission.

Working with leading farm machinery distributor, Farmhand, our task is to help promote the many top-line products that this distinguished company and its dealers represent.

It is a commission that sees Hall Agri-Food PR break new ground. But then, is not the breaking of new ground one of the tasks that lies at the very heart of what farming and farm PR is all about?

New Zetor by Pininfarina – farmers are going to love it, dealers are going to love it

New ZETOR PININFARINABringing new products to market is something for which we in Hall PR and Hall Agri-Food have an admirable track record – not least those that move on four wheels and are marketed through an importer and dealer-structured sales organisation.

Soon to arrive into Ireland, the new Zetor by Pininfarina will be one of the most attractive and sought-after tractors imaginable.

Designed by the legendary Italian design house Pininfarina – noted for their work with auto makers Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Rolls Royce, to name but a few – the new Zetor by Pininfarina merges eye-catching appeal and ‘desirability’ with the fine engineering, ruggedness and build qualities that have sustained the renowned Czech tractor maker’s performance in world markets throughout its 70 years history.

The talk of Agritechnica when it was first shown there in prototype form, this big, new powerful Zetor oozes eye-appeal.

Set to strengthen the brand’s global prestige and transform Zetor’s position on Irish and world markets, the new Zetor by Pininfarina follows style trends long evident in the motor industry to bring emotion, dynamism and style to what, traditionally, has been a purely functional item of farm machinery.

Its most visual style features are its iconic new front-end bonnet and lights arrangement, its tilting and gradual forward-sloping hood, gracefully shaped side panels, cooling vents and clever use of two-tone paint.

As one industry observer noted: ‘When it arrives here, it will be one of the most stylish tractors on the Irish market – farmers are going to love it, dealers are going to love it.’ZETOR PININFARINA


Where farmers go…

Hall Agri-PR at the 2013 FTMTA show in Punchestown

Where farmers are and farmers go…that’s where you’ll find Hall PR agri-food people.

Pictured is Hall PR’s Ashley Hall in amongst the green, red and yellow of agricultural machinery at the FTMTA farm machinery show in Punchestown…green being a Merlo compact telehandler, red being a high-tech, high-spec Zetor Forterra and yellow being a compact Komatsu farm-size wheel loader.

And that’s not all we saw and heard and talked about with those we met at Punchestown…those who’ve made our country what it is and who work tirelessly to keep it as it is – our farmers!

One of the best looking models around

Gorgeous to look at…a real stunner…a true eye-catcher…and one of the best looking models around!

One of the best looking models aroundThe Zetor Forterra…the tractor that set eyes popping at the recent National Ploughing Championships.

What a pity we can’t get a closer view of it. Seems we’ll have to visit our local Zetor main dealer in order to see it better…and take a test drive, perhaps.  That’s the tractor, of course!

Beyond Reach

Merlo telescopic handlersOur work has hit new heights. And now too there’s very little that’s beyond our reach.

That’s the spin-off that’s come from our work in promoting the Italian-made Merlo range of telescopic handlers.

A world leader in design, Merlo units are attractively finished in a distinctive green livery that singles them out when you see them.

Designed primarily for construction, environmental and agricultural applications, Merlo can be seen all over Ireland giving their clients the extra lift and reach they need…just as we in Hall Agri-Food PR are doing!

Hall Agri-Food PR’s ‘Croquettemas’ Tale

Country Crest - Christmas Croquettes It was a ‘Happy Croquettemas’ for staff at North Dublin food producer Country Crest as this Hall Agri-Food PR’s photo shows.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, their kitchens near Lusk worked around the clock to meet orders for the festive dinner accompaniment.

Pictured showing their popular potato creation – each of which had to be hand rolled, crumbed and seasoned with butter, herbs and spices before being crisp fried and delivered packed and sealed in family-size trays of eight and twelve – are company chefs, Graham Curran and Amanda Madden.

The pig’s the one on the right…

Saddleback sowGubbeen Ham and Dry-Cured Bacon, produced by the Ferguson family at their farm near Schull, are amongst the most sought-after food products, popular with chefs and home cooks alike.

From the home of the award-winning Gubbeen Cheese, both pork products come smoked or unsmoked with no added water or unnecessary additives, full of character with excellent texture and a distinctive flavour.

Key to their quality and flavoursome character is the fact that the pigs from which they are produced are farmed locally, free range, with love and care, and fed with wholesome feedstuffs.

Pictured is Hall Agri-Food’s Don Hall getting down to earth with a Saddleback sow on a West Cork farm from where her young piglets will be brought to Gubbeen when fully grown.